Posted on: March 4, 2008 10:47 pm
Edited on: March 30, 2008 5:59 am

Raider Whine

Hey with the combine coming up and coaches being released and rehired, how does a Raider coach do what Chucky did back in the day when the Master of Puppets is pulling the strings? 2 wins in 2006 4 in 2007, Our coach don't even wear Raider gear anymore...This is Taider Nation these days. Now even tha G's wont sport the threads, just old fans that had the season tix, that remember those days pf glory in Los Angeles...Just like the f117, Al needs to be phased out for a younger Raptor. And lets have a ring of honor or a shield of glory and retire some numbers- that whole thing of not retiring jerseys hurts the Raiders. I think we should pick up Leftwich now and Long in the draft, will Al trade the pick when his guy gets nabbed and keep Walters and Culpepps? At least if we open up 1-3 or 0-4 Kiffin can be the scapegoat and the mission is go thru the motions while we wait for 2009, keep Hamarcus on the bench making him the biggest paid pine rider in NFL history and sell out and move to Vegas.Hey whasup? So I'm looking for a job these days, and I rolled into walmart not for a job but looking for a beanie cause it was cold and walmarts cheap, and so of course, they got no beanies, and the whole store is set up backassward, and im bumpin into one fool after another because the aisles are jacked up, and the store is dirty like a dirty thrift store, and whats this I see no fewer than three different fools in Raider caps, and man they're just not representing my Nation, these guys look like slobs and my GF who doesn't want to be in Walmart says of course you'll see Raider gear in here because all these people are poor and gross! So Im like baby this aint a Yankee game, it's Walmart, so we bought some Gatoraide and a candybar off the bums in front of the store. Seems my life is a mirror image of my teams woes these days, Raider Universe send me some luck get me employed quick!!!! Maybe by my next post here- All the faithful - much love to my brothers and sisters in Silver N Black, like a dandelion Jack you can cut us down but we pop right back. I can almost feel my sails comin back I don't know where but it's coming baby coming back in black.

Okay lets talk Surfing. All you inlanders are missing out. Nothing compares to the rush of charging a nice face. Nothing beats the feeling after a good session or surf like the kiwis say. You want a workout? try paddling out on a big day. Near Death Expierience? It's there. Try holding your breath right now for over a minute, now think about doing that when you are getting bounced around in an 25 foot thick whitewater rince cycle after you could'nt duck dive under it or worse you were too late on a 22 foot monster that pounded you over the falls. Yea man it's got it all. Fish that bite, Fish that communicate, Yea Footballs great and being a PRO is awesome, but nothing beats a  sport where even if it's not a legendary sesh it is different every time... Its the Kings sport...

Alright so I watched some areana ball and the best reciever in the league dropped an easy pass in the end zone and I shut it off and threw the nerf ball aroubd with my son 4 ahwile, then dropped him back at his moms to spend the eve with my GF, whose friend stopped in and kicked til 1 and then she bailed and I ask you is it wrong to enjot 2 women at your apt,? And like tell me God doesn't have a sence of Irony, I'm broke got no game money hungry bum and soon I might be living with two women? My GF is a little jealous but to all you brothers out there I highly recomend this living arrangement especially when the fems are turned on by fems. Just my 1st taste of this ever and I have always dreamed of it and it just drops in my lap WTH? God Bless America and 120 pound girls that drop outta the sky with d cup implants. They're so skinny they only cost 10 bicks a day I dont know what to say anybody who reads this will think I'm a liar, but this shit can happen for any of you my brothers, and man I hope it does ride it thats my advice when fate smiles ride that wave charge it. out



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